PROJECT: Woodwork as a Tool for Inclusion


Woodwork as a Tool for Inclusion

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Total cost:

8049,77 euro


01.12.2015 – 31.08.2016



The main accomplishment of the Project was that Woodwork workshop of Maarja Village was able to continue its activities at the end of 2015 and first 8 month of 2016. The key activity was providing intellectually disabled persons to improve their skills in woodwork and this way increase their chances to become member of supported job market in Estonia.


One intellectually disabled person was trained during that period as an assistent workshop leader – today he works in that same workshop and gets paid. Second intellectually disabled person to be trained as a workshop assistent still needs some more training to accomplish this goal.

Program impact was undeniable, because this support was the only way foundation was able to keep up this workshop in the beginning of the year. In March 2016, Estonian Government acknowledged foundations efforts and granted us (among one of the firsts in Estonia) possibility to start new service called „supported work“ at workshop facilities. This new service was actually piloted in the village 2015 and Ministry of Social Affairs was happy with results as well.

The person-with-severe-learning-disability-working-at-woodwork

Besides that „supported work“ service, woodwork workshop is the place, where people with severe or even profound learning disability are able to perform activities under supervision of workshop leader and personal assistent. Exercises that are performed there will help these disabled persons to develop their motorics.

During the Project periood, 10 persons (3 female, 7 man) with severe or profound learning disability were able to participate in activities here. There were 20 (11 men, 9 female) persons with light or moderate learning disability who participated at „supported work“ service during Project period.  All persons who participated activities at the workshop, we between ages of 19 and 36.


Progress made:

The main progress was to keep workshop was that simple and situation was (and still is) critical. Among the most critical outcomes:

  • New wooden products were designed. Now we have broadened our production with new goods and they have been sold already in different locations around Estonia (f.e. Taevaskoja stick).
  • One person with disability has started workshop assistent job;
  • We were able to buy quality materials to produce quality products.
A restored-table-at-foundations-cafeteria









Philip Morris and Maarja Küla

Philip Morris Estonia has been a long time supporter of our foundation. Co-operation started already 2004, when PM started to support renovation of our Old House (see app. 6-7). There were around 1 200 visitor that has visited our foundation between 01.12.2015 – 31.08.2016, all of them have received information about co-operation between Philip Morris and Foundation Maarja Village. During these visits, local guides have encouraged visitors not to buy illegal cigarettes and explained that cigarette companies pay taxes and also support diferent projects, among them also our projects.